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On days when your taste buds crave something good, but you are too lazy to prepare a snack from scratch, turn to Frish! Available from a number of retailers, Frish products are sure to suit your taste buds right when you are looking for a tasty, convenient snack.

Our range of premium products are made from Belgium potatoes, such as wedges, fries, alphabites and much more. Belgium potatoes are second to none in the world for their quality and thus we harness them in preparing crispy snacks. Other products from us that retailers usually store are frozen vegetables such as peas and sweet corn. You will also find pattis for samosas and spring rolls with retailers near you. You can also order Frish products from your comfort zone, right here.

At Frish, we ensure that our products are full of flavour. After all other steps during processing are complete; freezing the products is something we do very carefully, to lock in the essence of the food. Freezing ensures that there is no degradation in quality of products as they travel from our storage to your kitchen. In fact, we even have tie-ups with retailers who look after the freezing needs, and transport products in special vehicles right to your doorstep.

You can easily find premium products from our range anywhere in Mumbai. If it's Frish, you can be sure it is delicious!